Citadelle French Gin Reserve 2014 - 70cl

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A Citadelle Gin gin

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Veering into the worlds of rum, brandy and Sherry production, Citadelle Gin, owned by Cognac Ferrand, launched what it claimed was the world’s first solera-aged gin. The Solera aging method used is a process of putting gin into different type casks to enhance different aromas and tastes for a anywhere from 2 to 5 months.

The golden coloured Citadelle Reserve is a deep and complex in character with an initial juniper hit blending into citrus, spices and floral aromas balanced by mellow wood character.

*A cocktail idea from Ethan R. Kelly, Brandy Library, New York

The Silver Fizz

45ml Citadelle Gin Reserve

20ml lemon juice

30ml simple syrup (completely dissolve 1 part sugar in 1 part cold water)

1 small egg white

Soda water

Shake all ingredients with ice until fully mixed. Strain neat into a highball glass with no ice, top with club soda.

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Class French Gin
Volume 70cl
Style Complex and Deep
ABV 44.0%
  • premium
  • balanced
  • france
  • elegant
  • spirit
  • gin
  • gin and tonic
  • barrel
  • 90 Slurper Rating

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Customer Reviews

  • Anonymous on 28th Aug 2013 at 17:46

    A real treat. A rare gin, the only gin I am aware of which is aged in barrel. This can be difficult to get hold of so buy it when you can. Goes really well with homemade lemonade and soda water.

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