Pilzer Ginpilz Gin - 70cl

Customer Score: 100/100

A Pilzer gin

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The team at Pilzer have long felt the need to complete their portfolio outside of their well-know grappas. Learning by trial and error, they identified the perfect methods to extract and concentrate the precious and delicate aromas needed to make a perfect Italian Gin.


Fresh juniper aromas are followed by a wealth of aromas, most notably lemon peel and orange zest, with other herbs adding to its complexity and persistence. The dry palate has subtle flavours reflecting the aromatics, with a smooth texture and lingering fresh juniper.

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Class Italy
Style Italian Gin
ABV 40.0%
  • italian gin
  • g and t
  • ginpilz
  • jenever
  • italy
  • gin
  • 100 Slurper Rating

Tasting Notes - From SlurpVision

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